PHOTO OF THE MOMENT  Summit of Mauna Kea with sunset shadow and full moon.  March 2011

GREAT GIFT --  Our first poetry book... and still a joy!  Seventy-five poems by 11 poets, all of whom live (or lived) in Linden Hills.  For poetry lovers everywhere, but especially those who live around here. Available at local merchants, or directly from Trolley Car Press.

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Welcome!  I’m one of those people who never quite figure out what we want to do in life -- so we do lots of things.  You’ll find some of them here.  See where your interests may be a match.  Enjoy!

-- Doug Wilhide


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THE LATEST...  11/22/2013

Winter Southwest Journal Poetry Project. deadline for submissions is 11/15.  The winter poetry spread is scheduled for the 12/9 edition of the SWJ.

Conservation Then and Now. An excellent MN History Forum lecture on Gifford Pinhot, John Muir -- their battles, achievements and legacy.  TrueGenToo

Nobel Conference 2013. The 49th Nobel Conference featured 3 Nobel Laureates discussing “The Limits of the Universe” from the smallest spaces inside atoms to what’s happening at the end of time/space. My notes are at TrueGenToo

The Age of McKinley.  The first lecture of the 2013 Minnesota History Forum was surprisingly interesting.  My notes are at: TrueGenToo

2013 Klobuchar bike ride. “The End of the Trails.”  It was a good ride, with some challenges.  Will it be the last?  My notes are at: TrueGenToo

James Madison visits St. Paul.  The final lecture in the Minnesota History Center’s series on the Constitution.  My notes on all of the lectures are here: TrueGenToo.

New essays on Parker Palmer (on “habits of the heart”) and The Changing Constitution.  You can find all my notes on recent lectures here: TrueGenToo

Lincoln and civil rights -- notes on a lecture about Lincoln’s mixed record on Constitutional issues.  TrueGenToo.

Rick Steves -- The popular travel writer talks about “travel as a political act. Prayer in schools.  A History Forum talk about the case that “kicked God out of school.”  Check the blog page: TrueGenToo

NEW Blog notes:  a review of Bill McKibben’s book, Eaarth... about what climate change means to the planet -- not for our grandchildren... but now. TrueGenToo page

Freedom of the Press:  notes on a MN History Center talk about gangsters, attempted murder (later completed), slander, officials on the take and the Supreme Court case of Near v Minnesota. TrueGenToo page

Notes on a talk by TV host Chris Matthews on Kennedy, Courage and Leadership. TrueGenToo page.


Third and Long: A novel for hard times by Bob Katz was released June 1, 2010.  Check the TCP page for updates.

SEASONS. Our second book of poetry... with more than 100 poems by over 40 poets and color illustrations by WACSO. A gorgeous gift idea for any season!

Here are poems set in Minnesota’s four seasons, love poems for all seasons, poems about children, whimsical notions, unusual characters and the transitions we experience as we travel life’s pathways... with delightful illustrations throughout.

Available now at retailers listed below.  Or you can order directly from Trolley Car Press.  Cost is $21, including taxes and shipping.

Available at:

bibelot (Linden Hills and Northeast

Settergren’s Hardware

Gallery 360 (50th and Xerxes)

i like you (Northeast)

Minneapolis Institute of Arts gift shop

Minnesota History Center gift store

Rick Rack 44th and Beard

Wedge Co-op

Linden Hills Co-op

From Trolley Car Press -- A Long Shout features the work of a unique writer -- Clarence Jonk.  In 1933 he tried to float a home-made houseboat, the Betsy-Nell, down the Mississippi.  Without a rudder.  In October.    The story he wrote about the trip was published as RIVER JOURNEY.  Read more...

WINNER of the 2011 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for best work of popular fiction from an independent publisher!